Journal Score and Rank

What is JPMS

Journal Prestige Measurement System is the collection of authentic research journals ranked in scheduled categories on the bases of different ranking parameters. It is based on a propriety algorithm designed with the objective of promoting quality in research across various disciplines. JPMS allows the view of a ranked position in a journal as global, in subject area and subcategories.

Unique Algorithm

Rank Calculation is based on a unique statistical algorithm which utilizes six prestige global factors for journals ranking into calibrated JPMS ranking categories. All six factors share equal weight in the JPMS scheme to negate any bias.


JPMS includes all the subject areas and subcategories according to JACS. This provides precise and fine-grained ranking metrics at three different levels; global subject area and subcategories which provides quality insights at all levels.


JPMS shares raw and the percentile score of parameters used for ranking calculation to ensure a sense of transparency is maintained. Detail scoring allows potential researches to check the ranking of a journal in overall as well Category / Sub Category wise as well.

JPMS Ranking Categories

JPMS categories journals in following main categories among them platinum is the prestigious one.





Honorable Mention